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Your company IS a software company – just admit it!

Jun 4, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Your company relies on software more and more each day. Leveraging software in the core of your business is vital to innovation and growth - are you ready?


If you’re like most companies, building software is NOT your CORE business.  You may or may not provide software solutions to engage with your customers.  The decision to include or not include these software solutions into your business may not be a decision anymore but instead an acceptance of today’s reality.

Necessary Evil

Regardless how you perceive technology and using software within your business, in today’s landscape, it is required.  Whether you need a website, a mobile app, or some other custom software, you need to be aware that the company down the road already has it in place.  If you want to keep up with these other companies, you too will need to embrace software.
You are probably quite aware at the rapid pace that technology changes.  Keeping up with these changes requires constant analysis and research.  If you don’t keep up with these changes, you’ll begin to slowly lose your customers as they migrate to new platforms and new devices, further away from your business.  This could be detrimental to the long-term success of your business.

Asset vs Liability

Mindset has a tremendous effect on how you perceive software in your business.  Do you think building software is too expensive?  Are you afraid of the complexity it and other technology brings with it?  Do you feel that you are not a technical person?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, trust us, you’re not alone.  Many of the companies we work with have the same feelings.

For example, one organization originally claimed they were a marketing company that uses software.  We argued, that if they were doing it right, their business was a software company that does marketing.  With the original mindset, software is viewed in a negative light, making any software or technology a liability in your mind and for your business.  Software solutions should be an asset, helping your business grow, enabling your success. Unfortunately, unless you change this mindset, you’re setting your company up for failure.

Market Differentiator

On the other hand, changing your mindset now and leveraging software as an asset can provide some huge benefits for your company.  Moving your business closer to your customer with a website or a mobile app provides a mechanism to better engage with your customer.

Your customers begin to enjoy the benefits of the more efficient and targeted communication, quicker status updates, and a better overall experience just to name a few.  With time, your customers will begin to compare the way they interact with other businesses to your business and they’re experiences.  These comparisons will even begin to include your direct competitors.  You will begin to experience sudden growth, great feedback all through the software investments that give you the competitive advantage that you deserve.  Your investments, your assets, will pay your business dividends.

Focus On Your Business

It’s vitally important to remember that focusing on the core of your business is always key to its success.  If running a software development project or having your own software development team seems like it would take the focus from the core of your business, then don’t.  Instead, let someone like Mach One Digital help.  We pride ourselves in being YOUR company’s software development team.  We don’t build projects; we provide solutions.  We don’t offer resources, we offer partnership and trust.  When strategically focused on the outcome, together – WE will be successful!

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David Hollins

Written by David Hollins